I Am The Secret In You

Do u just close me inside
when you close your eyes?
Is my name the last one u call
before you shut your lips?
And am I your last thought
when your thoughts are fading out
For me is your last breath
before your conscience fades away?
Do you think you love me enough
am I the sin of your purity?
you know, I’m the secret, you know…
you know it like you breathe.

Am I theSongInYourHeadThePoemYouReadThePathThatYouTake
Am I aNeverEndingLineAPrayerAtNighTimeWateringYourTears
Am I theWineFromYourGlassTheBeatOfYourHeartTheKissOnYourLips
Am I theTouchOnYourSkinThePleasureYouFeelRunningThroughYourVeins
Am I… The Secret In you?

And when you re falling deep in love
you always fall for me
And every time you’re touching her
you wish your skin touched mine…
are you still calling me out
while my love wounds bleed on you,
are u scared that I’ll hurt more
more than i ever did before…


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