Horizons And A Scarlet Face

(imagine inventing a submarine traveling from wonders into concrete
from blue fascinations, scientific romances, not yet lived in our times)

Revelations Atoms And Sparkles
The Law Of Attraction Functions
Thoughts Explode In OuterSpaces
Light Forgets The Speed Per Second

When You’Re Watching From A Distance
Reality Looses Relevanceeee
Words Unravel Incompletenes
Crashing into Their Own Meanings

Silent and slowly the pages keep turning and slowly you’re learning the terminology
your Mind Is unlocking the secret connections between mathematics and poetry

Kinematics And Emotions
Dreams Can’T Beat Imaginaaation
Leaving Out The Dynamics Of Motion
Illusions Fight For Salvation

Circumstances Life And Chances
Alpha Waves Engage Inteeensssly
Making Me Aware Of MyPlace

Imagine you re holding the key of creating new understandings, how far would you go… Would you have the courage to write new HORIZONS… Would you fight the whole world to read it out loud?


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