We Are Not Alone

We Are Not Alone

Have you ever been somewhere so far far away of people and civilization, and suddenly experienced the felling of not being alone? That is because we are not alone, as we are part of something much bigger than we were told. So many unseen layers lie between Sky and Earth, and so many other worlds, made of a totally different texture than ours, are hiding from our sight, their number and kind exceed any system of philosophy thought by man. But life and everything that surrounds and implies it – in all its aspects – is energy, and energy, we all know, never disappears, it transforms by finding new patterns and forms of manifestation.

Besides galaxies, asteroids and comets flying above our heads, here, on the ground, we have many enigmatic companions, which lie between the spiritual and physical planes, known as ‘elementals’. You cannot ordinarily see them, nor hear, taste, or touch them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They are in the air and in the water that surrounds us. Ask a child, he is still in contact with the life of soul, his understanding of the world hasn’t been altered by believes and prejudices. He will tell you that he saw them running around in the back-yard, floating on a body of water, hiding under a leaf, or even sitted on a flower’s petal in its own sphere of light. While the sages spoke of the elemental beings and how they have intervined in human destinies, in our days they are seldomly remembered as characters in fairy tales, and mostly forgotten.

The elemental beings seek privacy and are kind of selective when it comes to human companionship. Therefore, if you ever feel that you are not alone, don’t be afraid, listen with your inner ear and pay attention to what really goes on around you. Be descrete in crossing the boundaries, and if you succeed, enjoy the company.

Oh, when your fairy leaves, don’t forget to thank her; being a spirit of the Earth, just like you, it always appreciates kindness.

Inspired by Martin Campbell’s Image ‘We Are Not Alone’


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