Go on, radio, talk to me

One night, all of a sudden,
The music went silent 
And noise from cosmos
Started to flow 
Into the monitors 
While the heart of the radio
Became ice frozen like
The core of the comet that 
just passed by Earth.

Go on, radio, talk to me.

Since then, each morning, 
– you can call it a habit –
I kept turning you on, regularly,
Same frequency, 
But the music was gone, 
As if an alien radio
Broadcasting live from outer space 
Into my ear sounds of the ether,
Has made the real radio a prisoner. 

Go on, radio, talk to me.

It’s been a while now that the air
In which you used to ooze the groove
Became heretic atmosphere 
Creating chaos in my brain 
And ultimately giving me no other choice
But to improve and to commit my body 
To the dance on hissing static, 
As if the music was still there, 
On the other side, playing ecstatic. 

Go on, radio, talk to me 

About wartime and global warming
And things that others are allergic to
In style, the way that only you 
knew how to do it,
Regardless of frontiers, peer-to-ears,
Now, while the city’s still under your 
wireless course,
Tell me about the source of sun flares hitting clouds 
And sinking deep into the undergrounds of Bucharest –
How did our consciousness end up in darkness?

Go on, radio, talk to me.




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